Monday, October 20, 2008

Problem or Opportunity?

When you picture your dream kitchen, what do you see? Is it 60 square feet with no dishwasher but the only perfect spot in your home for the litterbox? I didn't think so. Mine either. So what to do when it's all you have? First, you look at all the kitchen items in their neatly packed moving boxes and sigh. Next, you invoke the gods of organization and start tackling the placement of said items. This means that beans go with beans, rice with rice, and randomly shaped and sized casserole dishes find nooks within each other and in the kitchen most likely previously unexplored. Once this is complete, you stop, think about all the lovely and new kitchen items you've added to your wedding registry and panic only to start anew to clear space. Wash, rinse, repeat. And when all the shiny glassware and basting sets are nestled in their homes you start to cook and find it's not so bad. After all, almost every item is within reach or no more than three steps away and I merely have to turn around to move from prep station to stove. It's not perfect, but if there's one room in this apartment that is unequivocally mine, it's the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Wow. When you said small, I had no idea. LOL Though mine isn't any bigger, just laid out differently!! You just one upped me with the side-by-side pictures!

AZ said...

Wow I don't know how you big city people can work in such a small space.

LoraBB said...

MMMMMM - I actually measured it, because I'm cool like that. The layout actually works perfectly since I can literally turn from prep station to stove with a pivot. Get some pics of yours up - I'm curious now!

AZ - When I walk out my door and see 37 mom-n-pop restaurants down my street, and the lake 3 blocks away, and the buildings downtown on a crisp fall day? SOOOO worth it. : )