Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Culinary Confessions

The lazy chef is back and making a pizza tonight. It was that or go out for the third night in a row. The Beanpole and I indulged in Indian Monday night, and begrudgingly settled on Chinese takeout last night. After all the cooking of late my poor body was screaming for something fresh and homemade. Eating vegetables raw isn't an option for me anymore and cooking anything even a little elaborate was out of the question AND we couldn't agree on any dining out options so pizza was the only logical choice. Never mind that we could both eat it every day. Instead of ordering a big greasy pie though I quickly started proofing some dough and we ran to the local market to load up on the good stuff. Tonight's toppings include portabella mushroom caps, broccoli, yellow pepper strips, onion, tomato slices, carrot slices, and sweet Italian chicken sausage. Even with the ice cream treat The Beanpole begged for at the store we saved some money and managed to eat much healthier than we would have had we simply ordered in. Not too shabby for two lethargic loons like us.

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Mrs. Potts said...

Yum! I love healthy pizza!