Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lazy Day

It is dark and dreary outside with a forecast of rain or snow so The Beanpole and I have been lounging on the couch with the internet most of the day. I got pretty hungry about an hour after breakfast but distracted myself with the ever-addictive Facebook and decided to wait a couple more hours if I could to have lunch. We've talked about going around the corner to our little pub this evening and if we do will probably end up having dinner there so I wanted to do something light again for lunch. But I just could not shake the desire for eggs, so I had a second breakfast instead. This used to be one of my favorite treats for dinner and I knew it would be just the thing!

I had an open-faced egg sandwich on whole-wheat bread with a little tomato, spinach, provolone cheese, and pepper. So tasty! To round out the "breakfast" feel I added two veggie sausage links, and for balance a crisp granny smith apple (minus two slices that I forced on The Beanpole to counteract his diner lunch of a Chicago-style char-dog and a huge plate of fries). I'm still a little hungry but hoping that the big glass of water will fill me up!

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