Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sorry, had to scream that one in honor of a friend. One of my favorite fast-food type restaurants has long been Chipotle. I just love that I can get something every single time and their lime-cilantro rice. So it's only natural that I decided to use some of last night's leftover rice to make a healthier version of the Chipotle favorite! I'd intended on making a burrito but changed my mind at the last minute and made a bowl instead.

First, I sauteed a little red onion, mixed bell pepper, and some black beans in a little bit of cumin and chili-powder for a kick. Then I added a little bit of lemon juice and parsley to the rice, mixed it up, and popped it in the microwave for a minute. I didn't have any lime or cilantro and figured this would give it just enough of a bite. I cut up about a cup of spinach and "shredded" a slice of cheddar cheese, and put it all together with a dollop of peach-mango salsa. It wasn't exactly Chipotle, but it was pretty good and fast too! I had a tortilla on the side, but only ended up eating about half of it. It's just too doughy to eat on its own.

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