Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disaster of a Dinner

Oh well. That happens to the best of us and was mostly salvaged in the end. I'd done a yoga practice shortly before and was still in the fog. I hadn't originally wanted to practice but convinced myself with thoughts of looser joints and a good night's sleep. In the past those reluctant practices have often turned out to be some of the most enjoyable and while it seemed like an eternity it wasn't too challenging and I felt a little loopy afterwards. Loopy? Yes, as in it took me a full seven minutes of staring at the bread, cheese, tomato, and pan to figure out the best way to create a grilled cheese sandwich. I finally got it together and spread a bit of butter on the bread and threw it on the griddle, which I neglected to light until several more minutes had passed and promptly forgot about. The first round of sandwiches was absolutely charred on the bottom and I just stood there and pathetically implored The Beanpole to "just do something about it!" He (graciously) did and I tasked myself with making sure our Chipotle Corn soup did not overflow.

The soup was good, but not great. The Beanpole loves corn soup but I've always been on the fence and this didn't push me in either direction. I did add some bell pepper to get some more veggies in and he drained his bowl. I ate most, but the chipotle was playing tricks on my nose and I kept smelling the strangest corny spicy smoky odor and gave up.

The grilled cheese sandwich sequels were much better! The cheese was gooey, the tomato warm and sweet, and the bread slightly browned and crispy but not (ahem) charred. And this photo is fantastic!

As for the yoga brain, I've returned to earth for the most part but am sleepy! I'm not sure what's happening this week but I keep going to bed earlier and earlier. I might not even make it until 10pm!

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Cameron said...

I'm glad that the Beanpole was able to help fix the grilled cheese. It's been forever since I had that.... I think I'll create one for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration