Saturday, January 10, 2009

He's a Real Funghi

Oh, dinner was delicious! The Beanpole and I had plans all week to grab a drink to celebrate the start of the weekend and no amount of snow was going to deter us. After a little debate we decided to go to a wood brick-oven pizza place in our neighborhood called Forno Diablo. We'd been once before in the summer hoping for a nice meal al fresco but alas, all the seating was taken so we camped out at a table in the back. It's designed to feel like an old speak-easy and while I love the dark, intimate atmosphere it's not so fantastic for snagging a quick photo of the food. I started with a glass of wine (Trapiche Malbec) and The Beanpole had a Manhattan. We ordered the Bruschetta Three Ways appetizer to start as we were both pretty hungry after getting a later start than intended. The plate arrived with three crostini with a different topping each, which was perfect for us to split without ruining dinner. One was a chickpea and olive, one a classic tomato and basil, and the last was a granny smith apple with raspberry jam, mint, brie, and red onion. YUM! Shortly after finishing the bruschetta our pizza arrived. We both love mushrooms and selected the Funghi pizza. The thin crust developed just the right amount of charred edging from the brick-oven and the marinated wild mushrooms were accented with herbs and a little truffle oil. It sounds strange for a pizza not to have cheese but the creamy flavor of the mushrooms would likely have been overwhelmed. The pizza was about 10" of thin crust and I dove into half of it. It was the equivalent of about 3 slices of thin crust pizza and given that there was no cheese or grease I figured it couldn't be too too bad. As we dined I noticed that the snow started coming down harder and harder so finally we bundled up and headed to our local pub where I had a couple Miller Lites. I think we came home about 12:30? It was nice to have a little happy buzz knowing that waking up in the morning would not be too too painful, especially after the excesses of yesterday's lunch.

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