Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Say Cheeeeeeese

I met a good friend for lunch today at our old stomping ground. Back in the day when we were just pretty young things going to design school we often wandered over to a little bar under the El called Stocks and Blondes. Yes, really. It's a total dive and we were more often than not the only girls in the place, but they had cheap drink specials and that's the way to a college student's heart!

As I expected, the vegetarian options were slim pickings - two types of quesadillas (plain or veggie), a Gardenburger, or a portabella mushroom sandwich. I didn't want too much cheese so instead of the quesadilla I ordered the mushroom sandwich. I think it had more cheese on it than a quesadilla would have! I also substituted sweet potato fries for regular - but mine are MUCH better. These were more of a soggy greasy mess, but what can you expect from a place with a name like that?

I ate about three quarters of the meal, and washed it all down with four (four!) Miller Lites. Needless to say I started chugging water the second my little buzz and I got home - at 3:30 in the afternoon - and have been doing the same since!

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