Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

After the greasy cheesy lunch and alcohol I knew the best dinner would be bright and simple, preferably with some citrus. I also had some kidney beans to use up and since The Beanpole had eaten a late lunch we just made the bean and citrus salad that I've posted before. I prepared a half portion based on the recipe and it was more than plenty for the both of us!

I made a couple small changes this time. I cut the orange into smaller pieces so that every bite could benefit from the citrus burst, and I added a dash or two of chili powder to the dressing for a nice spicy kick. The more flavors I can incorporate into any meal the more I'll enjoy it and this was no different. I thought about serving it on top of barley again but that just felt too heavy so I had seven or eight little Kashi crackers for my beloved crunch.

And lots and lots of water since I'm back to yoga practice tomorrow and need to be well hydrated!

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