Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning, part two

Oh my goodness, whatever made this morning's oatmeal so fantastic also made me full all day! I ate early - probably 7:30am - and did not even approach hunger until close to 3pm! I don't know if it was the oatmeal filling me up or the distraction of the cleaning process but when I looked at the clock I was quite surprised. As you can see, the apartment was in a state of disaster and I opted not to cook but to order a hummus falafel wrap from a place across the alley. The savory flavor always gets my sweet tooth working so I also ordered a "Tropical Storm" smoothie. I think it had 5 different types of fruit/juices in it!

The Mess:

The Wrap:

The Smoothie:

It was too late to eat AND go to my yoga practice and another 3 hours before eating was going to be too long so I convinced myself that my work around the house was a great form of yoga. Just as asana cleanses the body and preps the mind for meditation cleaning the house would serve as a prep for some other work to be done around here.

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