Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sunny days

It may have been cloudy and snowing outside, but lunch was a little bowl of sunshine! A couple hours after breakfast I found myself just a little bit too hungry to wait until a normal lunch time to eat so I had a slice of toast with PB and banana - one of my favorite snacks. It's creamy and crunchy, salty and sweet, and never fails to make me happy.

I couldn't wait to dive headfirst into yesterday's Black Bean and Citrus Salad leftovers. The combination of crunchy vegetables and smooth beans is delicious, but with the salad's sweet and tart flavors I wanted something a little savory to accompany it so I broiled up a couple more little polenta "suns".

I ate around 1 hoping that the salad would be light enough to digest in time for a 4:00 yoga practice but not leave me hungry and it did exactly that. This was my first practice as a card-carrying vegetarian and wow, what a difference. I've understand intellectually the connection between vegetarianism and yoga before but wondered if practice was truly different. I felt somehow lighter during practice and didn't fight the asanas mentally as I have before. Maybe it's the two week break (trying to practice from a video in a carpeted bedroom at the in-laws was difficult at best) and maybe it's more a matter of self-fulfilling prophecy (I believe I can stick with the vegetarianism so why not physical practice?) but it was...different. Not better, not worse, just different for lack of a better word. I felt more stable and committed to practice overall after such a strong incorporation of one of the yamas.

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