Thursday, January 8, 2009


That sums it up, doesn't it?  I was up late again last night unintentionally.  I'm still afraid to include a nice cardio workout in my routine after the last couple of test runs have created miserable after effects.  My sneaking suspicion is that those days are over but after finally feeling good all day every day for a week I'm a little spooked to mess it up.  After eight months of fighting a painfully tight stomach, raging nausea, and several medical tests (who would have thought that that first painful gallbladder ultrasound would be the most enjoyable?) I am gun-shy when it comes to doing anything that will upset this apparently delicate balance.  But wow, I have too too much energy right now to just sit here.  I'm staring at the proverbial double-edged sword?  Do I sit quietly and peacefully (and finally comfortably) and enjoy the simple act of feeling good while not expending most of the energy coursing through the body or do I take the risk and see if cardio (and I'm talking gentle - even a walk was problematic) is safer now and try to burn some of it off?  Tough call.  

I wasn't in the mood for much this morning and struggled to get down a little bit of Greek yogurt and granola.  It's still just sort of sitting there so hopefully I'll be back to normal in a little bit!

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