Friday, January 16, 2009

A day late...and a couple dollars short

Wow, not sure how I completely forgot to blog everything yesterday! I did take some pics but writing it up escaped me. Oh well! Catching up!

I woke up super early (5:45am!) and just had to have a nice big cup of coffee to start the day. I've been thinking about it every morning for a week and finally gave in. For breakfast, of course, I made some oatmeal. Yesterday's golden bowl satisfied all my needs so I repeated it and used half a banana, flax, some slivered almonds, a bit of granola, AND golden raisins. No worries about not enough texture here!

Around 10:30 my stomach started growling and I could not figure out how I could possibly be hungry so early until I realized that it had already been four hours since breakfast! I am not used to eating that early and thought a mid-morning snack of hummus and a few pita chips would be just enough to hold me over until an appropriate lunch hour. Unfortunately the hummus had gone bad so it was just the pita chips. : (

The oatmeal just didn't feel like breakfast to me and I was in the mood for a potato so I whipped up a florentine omelet (with spinach, tomato, and a little mozzarella cheese), rosemary hashbrowns, and a slice of whole-grain toast with a little strawberry jam. It finally felt like the day had started!! I was full full full after lunch but hoped that some of that would subside so I could work in a yoga practice before dinner - more on that in another post.

Ahhhh dinner. This was the meal I'd been looking forward to all day. I could exist on Indian food alone, I think. Leaving the house in -23 degree weather was simply not going to happen so The Beanpole and I opted for delivery and man, was it good. We've been to the Indian Grill a couple times for their weekend buffet but had never ordered off the menu and hoped that it would be as good. We ordered samosas, garlic naan, dal makhani (buttery lentils), shrimp masala, and a Coke for him. Indian is unquestionably one of my "trigger foods" if you believe in such things, and the plate below actually demonstrates restraint. I did go back for another 2-3 spoonfuls of the dal makhani to use up the rest of the naan. We didn't know until last night that this restaurant delivered and I think that information could be problematic. The good news is that I have a TON of dal leftover for lunch!

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