Friday, January 16, 2009

Fresh start

Everywhere I've turned this week I've read that one should not eat breakfast until a glass of (preferably hot) water with lemon is drunk. I woke up feeling refreshed and not too hungry this morning and decided to give it a try since I typically order it when dining out anyway. It's supposed to be detoxifying for one, and act as a prep for the stomach to start digesting food. The results? I really didn't expect to feel that much different but I do feel as if I had several cups of coffee. The Beanpole is working from home this week and sitting across from me looking at me like I'm nuts as I have a little dance party in my seat!! Anyone who has seen me try to dance knows just why this is hilarious.

After the crack (errr, lemon water) I made some oatmeal again. The heater's been in full force so despite the deeply sub-zero temperatures we've actually had to turn it off and only run it for a couple hours every two to three days and it finally started to cool down in here. I was ready for something warm and soothing. Today's concoction was focused on the amazing combos that peanut butter creates. I love it with bananas and I love it with chocolate so I made two kinds of oatmeal in one bowl! I like to put the toppings around the side so I can take just a little bit in each bite. : )

That looks like a lot of peanut butter but it was really only a tiny spoonful. It's natural so it gets a little goopy and melts down a little bit on the warm oatmeal. So tasty, and I loved the melty chocolatey parts!

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