Monday, January 5, 2009

Manic Monday

I have a HUGE list of things I want to try to get done today - 30 items, in fact. I'll be happy if I can get most of them done or at least started though. The biggest task is to find a new humidifier. Our radiator has been kicking into high gear and leaves our apartment feeling like the Sahara and our old one bit the dust last week. No amount of water is enough to stay hydrated in here! The Beanpole hit the road again this morning so I'm on my own for the week to indulge in all things to-fruity. The best part is that our new favorite movie channel is showing one of my all-time favorites this afternoon - SHAG! You better believe I have every intention of camping out on the sofa for that one!

I had the alarm set for 6:45 this morning but stayed curled up and cozy until he left around 7:30 before getting up to make some oatmeal. For years I thought that I did not like oatmeal, until I tried the whipped banana recipe on Kath Eats Real Food. Check out her Tribute To Oats here!

I heated up a little bit of my cinnamon cranberry sauce first because I hate spoiling nice warm dishes with a cold bite, added the oats, a bit of granola, and about a tablespoon of flax, and washed down all the yummy oats with a hot cup of Stash Fusion Green and White tea. I love both kinds of tea on their own and this is perfect for the mornings when I'm not quite ready for all the earthiness of a regular green tea.

The perfect way to enjoy the rest of the banana - with a little bit of PB!


Elaine McDonald said...

I tried your recipe for cinnamon cranberries & blueberries at Christmas. They were awesome! My family never eats cranberries, they ate these! I never thought of doing the leftovers for breakfast! I love your ideas and the way you serve everythig to make it look so good! Thakks!

LoraBB said...

Oh good! Glad you and the family enjoyed them! I've got another bag of cranberries ready to go as soon as the current batch is finished. I'm terrified of running out! : )