Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunny days

Taking my carrres away...OK, well, I still have some cares but they're slipping away one by one! My foot feels better and my muscles are crying out for a yoga practice, and the head cold/sinus nastiness that plagued me the first half of the week has moved on. Yea! I'm truly enjoying breathing normally again and not having shooting pain all over my face and therefore have decided to call the Miller Lites from yesterday "medicinal". : )

On top of that I have a new adventure coming up in a couple months and received fantastic news from a friend yesterday, not to mention the massive heat wave (in the 30s!) now hitting the city after weeks of miserable temperatures. Spring may be a long way off but we Chicagoans know how to make the most of the breaks we do get in winter! It should come as no surprise that my celebratory meal was...........oatmeal. This time it included flax, banana, almonds, a spoonful of granola, a couple chocolate chips, coconut, and peanut butter. I just can't get enough of the stuff!

Not sure what the rest of today has in stock, but I'm definitely planning on heading outside for a bit to enjoy the tropical weather!

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